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Slat Tile Display

The “Slat Style” Display

slat tile displays

Slat Style Display

This is our latest slat tile display. It Features A Rugged And Extremely Versatile Design With Tile Holder Rods That Easily Position Up And Down To Accommodate All Your Slat Tile Products.

Product Specs:
No. of Sides:  4
Total Height:  72″
Width of Sides:  26″
Total Footprint:  Approx. 28″ x 28

Bottom Section Tile Rod Positions:  2 (33″ From Bottom & 46″ From Bottom) Accommodates 36″ and 48″ Long 

Top Section Tile Rod Position:  2 (60.75″ From Bottom & 69.5″ From Bottom)
Accommodates 12″ and 24″ Long Slats

(Unit price call for quote)

Product Shipped In “Knock-Down” Format For Easy Shipping & Storage.

Now available for immediate shipment !

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We Specialize In:


  • “Wing” tile displays
  • Swiveling tile displays
  • Shelf & Counter displays
  • Slat Tile Displays
  • Quartz, Glass & Mosaic Displays


  • Sturdy 0.25″ MDF
  • 7 available sizes
  • Hand hold with smooth edges
  • One side black, white on other side
  • Orders from 10-10,000 units


We do customized projects to fit all your needs. From small counter displays to swiveling displays; we can create whatever you need. Our tile displays are the best value you will find.

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Custom Projects

Our team is ready to work with you on any custom project to meet your display needs!

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