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Swiveling Glass & Mosaic Panel Display

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Swiveling Glass & Mosaic Panel Display

Showcase your glass tiles or decorative mosaics with these stately and highly space efficient rotating panel / swivel displays.   The 360 degree rotating steel cube design assures maximum visibility from any vantage point.  Each individual panel frame also rotates 360 degrees, enabling samples to be placed in both sides of each frame.  The decorative 8″ tall rotating pedestal base compliments this upscale design while matching the wooden header.  Holds 40 ea. 13″ x 13″ glass or mosaic panels.  Samples insert and remove quickly and easily.  The swiveling pedestal base ships fully assembled as does the steel cube framework.  Simply bolt the frame to the base and add the header for easily assembly.  Ships via truck.

Model: CL-20GL
Size: 92″H x 29″W x 29″D
Weight: 225 Lbs
(Ships via truck)

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We Specialize In:


  • “Wing” tile displays
  • Swiveling tile displays
  • Shelf & Counter displays
  • Slat Tile Displays
  • Quartz, Glass & Mosaic Displays


  • Sturdy 0.25″ MDF
  • 7 available sizes
  • Hand hold with smooth edges
  • One side black, white on other side
  • Orders from 10-10,000 units


We do customized projects to fit all your needs. From small counter displays to swiveling displays; we can create whatever you need. Our tile displays are the best value you will find.

Tile Display Styles:

Wing Displays

Quartz Displays

Slat Tile Displays

Listello Displays

Swiveling Tile Displays

Loose Tile Displays

Shelf Displays

Sample Boards

Counter Displays

Glass Tile Displays

Custom Projects

Our team is ready to work with you on any custom project to meet your display needs!

wing tile display
wing tile display
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