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About Us

Floyd & Associates

The wholesale tile display manufacturing experts

Floyd & Associates

A Mapletag Company

Our team has been in the tile display and sample boards business for over twenty years and know the industry in and out. We offer a wide variety of different display styles and sizes to accommodate your needs. Our company also provides sample boards for the displays, which can be purchased online via our e-commerce website.

Because of our two decades of experience we realize that every customer and their projects are different. For this reason we are happy to work with you on the creation of a custom display for counter tops, shelves, or larger more central displays.

We are an industry leader in wholesale Tile displays with over twenty years of experience. As an experienced tile display manufacturer, we have worked with countless customers to find the exact displays to showcase their unique tiles and create the strongest first impressions in their stores. We offer a wide variety of tile displays as well as wholesale tile sample boards and custom display projects to meet your exact needs. Trust the experts. Trust Floyd & Associates.

Our company is based out of Schaumburg, IL and we ship all across the country. If you are interested in our sample boards, click the link below to visit our e-commerce website where you can buy any of our sample boards directly online.

We can be reached any time during normal business hours. Send us an email at msmaller@mapletag.com or call us at (888) 670-8954.

Contact us at:

Toll Free:
(888) 670-8954


Purchase Sample Boards Online:

Located In Schaumburg, IL

We ship displays to customers across the U.S. and Canada!

We Specialize In:

Wholesale Tile Displays & Wholesale Tile Sample Boards


  • “Wing” tile displays
  • Swiveling tile displays
  • Shelf & Counter displays
  • Slat Tile Displays
  • Quartz, Glass & Mosaic Displays
  • Listello Displays


  • Sturdy 0.25″ MDF
  • 7 available sizes
  • Hand hold with smooth edges
  • One side black, white on other side
  • Orders from 10-10,000 units


We do customized projects to fit all your needs. From small counter displays to swiveling displays; we can create whatever you need. Our tile displays are the best value you will find.

Tile Display Styles:

Wing Displays

Quartz Displays

Sample Boards

Listillo Displays

Swiveling Tile Displays

Loose Tile Displays

Shelf Displays

Counter Displays

Slat Tile Displays

Glass & Mosaic Displays

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Custom Projects

Our team is ready to work with you to manufacture any custom tile display to meet your needs!