Loose Tile Displays

"Large Format A-Frame" Flat Channel


Show off your large format tiles in a horizontal format with this specially designed "large format" loose tile display.  This rugged and affordable tubular steel model will accommodate your heaviest 1/4" - 3/8" loose tiles, up to 24" wide.  This highly space efficient design provides a great presentation of your large format samples.  Your customers will view nearly 7" of each tile sample, with a full view of the bottom most sample on both sides.  The 3" tall heavy duty steel channels will keep even your heaviest samples securely in place.  Holds up to 16 ea. 24" wide tile samples (8 tiles per side.)  Use this unit to display 12" wide tiles, if you prefer, and it will hold up to 32 ea. of these smaller tile samples.  The hinged top design makes set up quick and convenient, while keeping carton size well within the limits of FedEx and U.P.S. shipping. 

Model FC-16AF

Box Dim:  66" tall x 26" wide x 4.5" deep



"A-Frame" V-Channel


Built with strength, durability and "Ease of Use" in mind, our "V-Channel" A-Frame tile displays will hold even your heaviest ceramic or stone tiles.  The "V-Channel" design displays loose tiles in an attractive manner, while holding them reliably in place.  Holds a total of 30 tiles (15 per side) up to 24" x 24".  Twin bracing bars on the bottom and heavy-duty steel components provide maximum stability and strength.  These tile display racks fold flat for easy U.P.S. or FedEx shipments.  There is almost no assembly.

Model VC-30AF

Box Dim:  69" tall x 15" wide x 4" deep



   "Side By Side" V-Channel


These single-sided "modular style" loose tile displays are configured to hold up to 45 ceramic or stone tiles (up to 24" square.)  Heavy-Duty tubular steel base and framework construction provides a solid foundation, while holding the three vertical columns firmly in place.  Maximize your wall space by placing units in a side by side manner.  Durable black powder coated finish.   Ships U.P.S., FedEx or via truck.  Assembly is quick and convenient.

Model SS-45VC(TT45)

Box Dim:  69" tall x 15" wide x 20" deep



"Wide Channel" Side By Side


Same as the standard SS-45VC "Side By Side" Loose Tile Display, but with 1-1/2" wide (I.D.) channels.  This unit will easily accommodate your 2 and 3 cm. tile or countertop samples.  Each ladder has eight slots, for a total combined capacity of 24 ea. thick samples.   Constructed of the same heavy duty tubular steel as the standard Side By Side, these highly functional loose tile displays will hold your heaviest thick samples.  Beautifully powder coated in a black finish.  Ships U.P.S., FedEx or via truck.  Display racks assemble in minutes and require no tools.

Model SS-24VCW

Box Dim:  69" tall x 15" wide x 20" deep



"Single-Tower" V-Channel


The Single Tower version of the Side By Side features the same sturdy tubular steel construction as the larger model, with a singular v-channel column.  This free standing loose tile display will hold up to 15 tiles of virtually any size.  Assembly is very easy, and takes just minutes.  Same black powder coated finish as the larger model.  Ships U.P.S., FedEx or via truck.

Model SS-15VC (TT15)

Box Dim:  69" tall x 15" wide x 10" deep



"6-Slot Graphic" V-Channel 


Designed for a select collection of up to six tile samples, this free standing v-channel display is extremely sturdy as well as eye catching.  Add your graphics to the large 24" tall x 18" header frame for a dramatic visual.  This unit is highly cost effective, as well as extremely space efficient.  The VC-06GR Loose Tile Display breaks down into a very compact shipping carton for convenient shipping and storage.  Set up takes just minutes.   Ships via U.P.S.,   FedEx or truck.

Model VC-06GR




Model Proportions

68.25" Height x 15" Width x 34" Depth.

 Shipping Wgt:  25 lbs.


68.25" Height x 43" Width x 20" Depth.

 Shipping Wgt:  60 lbs.


68.25" Height x 43" Width x 20" Depth.

 Shipping Wgt:  65 lbs.


68.25" Height x 15" Width x 15" Depth.

 Shipping Wgt:  25 lbs.


68.00" Height x 20" Width x 18" Depth.

 Shipping Wgt:  45 lbs.


63.50" Height x 24.50" Width x 30" Depth.

 Shipping Wgt:  62 lbs.